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The price for the site starts from 299$ 1200$

Just 4 steps to launch



We conduct interviews with the client, define business goals and offer solutions



We create a design project based on competitive analysis and the interests of the target audience



We program the project using the best solutions from WordPress



We test and run the project on the client's server

What can we do?

We are always looking for an individual approach to our client's business and use the latest WordPress features

Landing page

  • Sell more by focusing your customer on one product or service

Business card website

  • Tell all about yourself or your company and get new customers

Online store

  • Take your company to the world's largest online sales market

Corporate website

  • Tell about the activities, products and services of your organization


  • Publish and share interesting information for a wide audience

Individual project

  • Implement your unique ideas in different areas of business

What websites have we created?

Each website should reflect the individuality of your own business and pursue the goal of becoming first among equals


Online store of an American manufacturer of classic suits, shoes and accessories of premium class


An individual project for an American company engaged in the selection of business class tickets at a discount

Boka View

Individual project for a Montenegrin company engaged in renting and selling real estate, business and economy class

Business Class Consolidator

Individual project for a large American company engaged in booking business class tickets at a discount


Corporate website for a Ukrainian company that deals with unforgettable videos and photos of various events and holidays


Business card website for a Kyiv barber shop, which deals with individual haircuts and sales of cosmetics for men

What else can we do?

  • Development of WordPress plugins
  • WordPress speed optimization
  • Integration with various API services
  • Urgent website fixes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If your question is not on the list, be sure to contact us!

Why WordPress?

WordPress is currently one of the most popular website management systems in the world. It created 24% of all existing projects on the Internet. Due to the ease and convenience of management, even a beginner can master this system, which is why it has become so popular. WordPress is well developed, has constant technical support, a wide base of plugins and is quite secure.

Do you use templates or do you design each project from scratch?

We do not use paid or free templates for projects. We create only unique sites from scratch, taking into account all the requests of the business and the target audience, because the business must stand out and be competitive.

Do you work under a contract?

Yes, we work only under contract.

Do I really need a technical task?

Having a technical task is a very good help, but it is not necessary to have it to get started. You only need to have a clear understanding of the end result, and our specialists will help you formulate tasks and create a professional technical document.

How is communication with the customer?

Communication with the customer is through various communication services. Minor routine issues are discussed, for example, in Telegram, WhatsApp or by phone. Significant questions (interviews or demonstrations) can be conducted through video calls, such as Zoom or Google Meet.

What is the average time to create a project?

It all depends on the complexity of the project, for example, landing page can be created in 2 weeks, and an individual website in 2-3 months. But the average development time of a standard project can be counted from 1 month.

Do you support projects after launch?

Yes, we support our projects after launch, if the client needs it. We also refine and develop projects on an ongoing basis. There are two types of support: one-time support or a monthly subscription to ongoing support.

If I don't know anything, can you tell me?

Of course, order a free consultation, our specialists will be happy to tell you how to create websites and what you need to have a customer to get started.

What is your main goal?

Our main goals are the best quality and long-term relationships with customers!

How to contact us?

Free consultation

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